Bee Bum

It’s Majestic Marvel Monday! Since Mondays can often be one of the tougher days of the week and for many, it means back to the daily grind, what better way to put a smile on your face than to marvel at His majestic wonders! I absolutely love photography! It is both a creative outlet and passion that brings me joy. So, each Monday, I will post at least one photo of God’s majestic marvels I’ve captured. See and be in awe of His creations and beauty!

Today’s pic, Bee Bum, is an example of beauty discovered in the weeds. Sometimes we just have to look harder than that stunning mountain up ahead. Perhaps, what’s most beautiful, is the simplicity God plants right in our own backyards.

“Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God. -Job 37:14

Copyright © 2021 Aimee Phillippi

4 thoughts on “Bee Bum

  1. Very true Aimee! I often berate other birders who are disparaging towards common brown birds. Just the other day I had a delightful few minutes watching the antics of a Corn Bunting at close quarters, I felt so close to our Creator in those moments. God bless you this week sister.


  2. I have always been amazed watching life around me, whether it is the bees, butterfly or what ever creature that happens to cross my path. I love your photo, I have many like this of my own that I have always thought rather cute to see.


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